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Integrative Medicine

& Holistic Healing

The place where medicine and spirituality come together to transform health and take people to another dimension of love and happiness. Our mission is to provide a holistic, wellness promoting centre that heals and empowers the individual and the community by providing services and programs that promote physical, mental, emotional, nutritional and spiritual well-being.

Therapies for better tomorrow

Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy treats medical conditions by stimulating the immune system

BioField_Viewer_The_Quantum_Healing_ Clinic

Bio-Field Therapy

A Light that interact with the energy field of the body.

Soulful_Pregnancy_The_Quantum_Healing_ Clinic

Soulful Pregnancy

The sacred journey to welcome the baby in the life begins.


Body is thought actualized & we help you to get back into energetic level.


Mind is your consciousness & we help you to create successful life.


Soul is the only component that goes with you through a lifetime.

How We Teach?

These sessions will give you  a firm
base to create a more enjoyable life
on an Ongoing basis.

The Quantum Clinic

Event Highlights

Technologies for wellbeing



Provides effective & lasting relief to underlying issues.



Helps you to heal yourself & makes you feel better.



Get Enroll yourself with us for Upcoming Workshops.



Discover your hidden abilities to make a happier life.

Our Partners


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  • We are grateful to Dr Sachin Gupta and the other healers and counsellors for keeping us in positive feeling and healing from chronic disease like cancer and other diseases. I joined the 90 day program in February 2019 and in the month of March I recovered 50% from my disease. It is very good and I felt very relaxed after my PET scan. I am looking forward to get perfectly well soon.
    Harish Kumar (Digital Media)
  • I am grateful to Dr Sachin that he started with the healing program. Before I joined the program I was very broken and could not find the strength to carry on. After I attended the sessions and workshops I got the confidence to feel live again. I realised, I had every right to liv the life I wanted to. Today I am happy and am very grateful for these sessions.
    Bibha (HomeMaker)
  •   During the 90 day program I have got guidelines for a smooth fulfilling life and have understood my life’s purpose to live without stress. It has enabled us to lead a happy and peaceful, healthy and disease free life.
    Jagjit Singh ( Chandigarh)
  • The Quantum Clinic helped me in reprogramming my mind and thoughts and made me a more confident and fearless person. The healing helped me to connect with my soul and made me a powerful soul.
    Surbhi Bansal (HomeMaker)

Mystic Quotes

  • To Attract Love In Your Life & Love Yourself

    The Quantum Clinic
  • Feeling shame or unworthiness removes you from your conscious awareness of being a soul

    The Quantum Clinic
  • Remember to be king. be Kind first to yourself. Everything else will take care of itself.

    The Quantum Clinic
  • The experiences you have expand you. They do not limit you.

    The Quantum Clinic

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